The Climate Fix

Building cities using engineered bamboo lumber w/ Troy Carter from Rizome

Episode Summary

Bamboo grows 10x faster and is 2x stronger than wood. It has 2.5x the tensile strength of steel and if we can engineer it into a construction-grade material, it has the potential to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 1%.

Episode Notes

On today's episode recorded on 12th June 2020 I spoke with Troy Carter co-founder of Rizome.  

Rizome is on a mission to make urban development regenerative, they're planting one of the largest carbon sequestration projects on the planet, scaling engineered bamboo lumber into a primary global construction material.

Troy graduated from Stanford University, was an early employee at Airbnb and E la Carte, then founded and scaled Troy Cider and exited after a successful acquisition in 2015 and is now working hard to fix the construction industry at Rizome.

We normally talk about growing trees to sequester carbon, but how about growing trees, chopping them down, building skyscrapers and then growing more trees on the same land. Replace trees with bamboo and you have a vision for the climate positive future that Rizome wants to build and I'm glad Troy agreed to spend some time with me to talk about it.